1340x530x830mm Heavy Duty 3 Internal Drawers Aluminium Toolbox Ute Drawers For Sale

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Ute Drawers For Sale

Truck Toolbox | 3 Internal Drawers Toolbox | Ute Drawers For Sale

Please check out our new Streamline shaped 3 drawers front opening aluminium toolbox

Streamline Alu Box uses 2.5mm thick aluminium alloy checker plate as the material for this toolbox. With the most advantaged manufacturing technique, this toolbox is water-resistance, anti-theft and has flexible internal space for your needs. 

The main features for this aluminium toolbox are:

  • Streamlined external design — Outstanding from other toolbox in the crowd, perfect fitting for your ute or truck.
  • Shelf and drawers combo — Introducing the ‘Space Wasted Free’ shelf and drawers combo, gives you extra space for your tools and accessories compare to other drawer toolboxes on the market. Perfect for trading.
  • 3x Heavy duty drawers with easy open locks– Rated at 20 KG each, plenty rooms for your tools and save the space! You can also take them out from the shelf.
  • 1x Height Adjustable heavy duty shelf — Rated at 40 KG and height adjustable from 380-860mm (Botton to top) (Approx.), great for the space management.
  • 1x Heavy duty Whale Tail lock — The highest grade toolbox lock gives you much less worry about your precious tools. With the 3-way lock mechanism this toolbox is almost 5x harder to break in (compare to basic toolbox locks). Extra padlock can be fitted on the lock handle as well.
  • Extra Strengthening Beams — Provide extra strength for the door. Say No to flapping doors, come to feel the solid!
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Toolbox Dimension: 1340mm(Long) x 530mm(Wide) x 830mm(High)
Streamline Design
3x Heavy Duty Drawers
1x Heavy Duty Shelf
Heavy Duty Whale Tail Lock, 3 Way Locking System, Higher Security Level.
2.5mm Thick Heavy Duty Aluminium Alloy Checker Plate (incl. Checker)
Water And Dust Proof Rubber Seals
Fully Seam Welded
Steel Piano Type Hinge
Extra Strengthening Beams
Aluminium Front Opening Toolbox For Utes, Trucks, Trailers And Caravans

Warranty: 12 Months for Private use. Consumable components and accessories are not covered once used or for damage caused by general wear and tear.


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